Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's February...Don't worry March is almost here.

The good thing about February is that it only has 28 days.29 at most. Since we are in the second week you still have time to trim the crepe myrtles ,along with most all trees. This year has been excessively cold so I would wait to trim back all the hibiscus etc.

Looking over your lawn I'm sure you've noticed that the only thing green is the weeds. You can apply a weed-n-feed now (nitro-phos weed-n-feed with atrazine ,Scotts bonus S with atrazine ). In about a month you can then apply a straight fertilizer 15-5-10.

February is also a good time to get the flowerbeds,gardens,etc. ready for planting. Most people will have the chore of replacing alot of shrubs,trees,etc. because of the cold weather. I would wait to replace them til the first of March for the same reason as not trimming the remaining plants back. Yes we could have another bad freeze, but hoping for warmer weather.

If you are a vegetable gardener you can check out the planting guide here. This list is taken from the county extension office(Agri-life extension) for Southeast Texas gardening.